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If you have any questions about a product, treatment or skin condition, we will be glad to advise you during a personal no-obligation consultation. At the end of the consultation you will receive a complete treatment plan and product advice.

Personal consultation

You are introduced to De Huidkliniek by scheduling a no-obligation personal consultation with one of our skin therapists. In most cases it is possible to carry out an initial treatment immediately after the consultation. If you wish, you may indicate this when arranging the consultation appointment so that we can reserv enough time.

We charge €35,- for a personal consultation. If you proceed to one or more treatments, we will deduct this amount from the cost of the first treatment. Arrange a consultation simply by calling us on 088 224 03 00 or by filling in the contact form on this page. You can also chat with us via the button at the bottom of this page.

1. Reason for visit

During the consultation we will discuss your requirements, what is your motivation for visiting De Huidkliniek. For us it is important to know what your expectations and goals are. You are welcome to De Huidkliniek with all your questions.

We treat clients with serious skin conditions as well as clients wanting a skin rejuvenation or fat freezing treatment.

2. Treatment advice

Subsequently, the skin therapist will examine your skin under the magnifying lamp and, in consultation with you, determine the best customized treatment plan. The most suitable treatment differs per client. Therefore, we take your personal situation into account. For example, if you have got a busy job, we will carry out a treatment without causing noticeable irritation and with less downtime.

3. Product advice

A good treatment plan also requires full product advice. In our clinics we are able to carry out very nice treatments with excellent results. But subsequently your skin care regimen is also very important contributing to an overall result.

We offer a diverse range of products in different price categories and suitable products for everyone.

Even if you only want product advice, you are welcome to our clinic. You can view the range of skincare products we sell online.

4. Price indication

As we draw up a complete treatment plan, we can exactly specify the costs. If you come in for reimbursement or if you wish to keep to a maximum amount, we will take this into account and will be happy to think along with you. Please, check our fees here.

5. Arranging appointments

When you do not have any more questions relating to the provided information and you have agreed to the costs associated with the treatments, we will be glad to arrange the appointments with you.

Most treatments are suitable to start with immediately after the initial consultation. If you wish, you may indicate this when booking the consultation appointment. Then we can schedule enough time for a first treatment.

Skin scan in Amsterdam, Utrecht & The Hague

We can perform a skin scan during the consultation. This scan will show:

  • UV (sun) damage. The pigment that lies under the skin (the UV damage) becomes visible and will emerge at a later age.
  • Coarse pores/wrinkles/scars. The very detailed pictures show the relief of the skin even better.
  • Active sebaceous glands: The amount of active glands which cause, among other things, acne.
  • Redness. The scan shows dilated blood vessels even better.
  • Skin ageing. You will see what you will look like in 10 years´ time.


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