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A healthy diet and sufficient exercise are important for your figure. But no matter how often we go to the gym or what diet we follow, sometimes we still struggle with unwanted fat. De Huidkliniek skin therapists can treat unwanted body fat by means of fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis.

With this treatment method, skin therapists freeze the fat for 40 minutes, after which it is expelled by the lymphatic system of the body. Per treatment you can lose up to 20% of the treated fat cells. The great advantage of fat freezing is that the fat cells are permanently removed.

You are always welcome for a consultation. We will check whether a fat freezing treatment is suitable for your skin. You can reach us at: 088 224 03 00.

Problem areas

Many people struggle with body fat spilling over the top of their pants or bra and a double chin. It is not easy to lose weight in these areas just by exercising or eating healthily. If you combine sport with a healthy diet, you will probably lose weight in areas you would rather not. The fat freezing treatment offers the solution for these localised areas without making other parts of the body slimmer. These are the most common areas where we carry out the fat freezing treatment:

Fat freezing abdomen

When clients talk about their abdomen, they often mean the fat deposits in front of the stomach and the love handles. These are two areas that can be treated in one go. The treatment can be repeated after 8 weeks.

Fat freezing upper legs

Clients who have their thighs treated regularly do not want to lose weight in other areas. Unfortunately, contrary to fat freezing, we cannot control the areas where we lose weight when exercising or eating healthily. Therefore fat freezing is such a popular treatment for the thighs.

Fat freezing double chin

The double chin can be treated well with the smaller fat freezing head specially developed for this purpose. Special gel pads provide protection in this area. Fat freezing for the double chin is part of the Neck Lifting Treatment. This treatment offers you a tight jawline without surgery. The Neck Lifting Treatment consists of: fat freezing of the double chin, a laser or Tixel treatment and connective tissue massage to tackle both skin slackening and pockets of stubborn fat.

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How does a fat freezing treatment work?

The skin therapist starts marking out the treatment area. Special gel pads offer effective protection in this area. Then the skin therapist places a special device which applies gentle suction, onto your problem area. By lowering the temperature of subcutaneous fat cells to their freezing point, they will die. Then the body slowly breaks the frozen fat cells down and expels them through the lymphatic system.
After the treatment the treated area is shortly massaged.

What result can i expect?

Prior to the treatment, the skin therapist takes pictures of the treatment area. In order to assess the fat reduction, pictures are taken again a few weeks after the treatment. The fat cells destroyed by the treatment are eliminated by the body. This process can take 4 to 12 weeks. The reduction of fatty tissue in the problem area will slowly become visible.

Treatment benefits

  • No surgery required to get rid of fat cells
  • Treatment is painless
  • You can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment
  • The body itself is put to work to get rid of fat cells
  • The treatment has few to none risks
  • The result is visible after 2 to 3 months already.

Experience with fat freezing

My upper legs were treated once last year. After two months I had actually forgotten that I had undergone fat freezing. Until people kept asking me if I had lost weight. After I had taken pictures of my legs, I saw the difference. I am very happy with the result, which is still visible.

What causes unwanted body fat?

There are several causes:

  • Genetics or an underlying disorder can cause accumulation of unwanted body fat, resulting in imbalanced body proportions.
  • Lack of exercise is a commonly known cause of unwanted body fat. Aim to get at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity exercise per week.
  • Poor diet, especially in combination with a lack of exercise will have great effects on your weight. It is important to eat healthily and drink enough water.


Would you like to know if fat freezing is suitable for your skin? You can contact us to book an appointment by calling: 088 224 03 00.

During a no-obligation consultation, you will receive more information about the treatment, a skin scan to assess exactly how we can best treat your skin, and advice on skin care.

We offer even more treatments

Besides our fat freezing treatment, you can also visit us for the removal of leg vessels, for a connective tissue massage, various beauty treatments and the treatment of skin disorders. De Huidkliniek is specialized in different types of laser treatments. A laser treatment can be used both cosmetically and medically.