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Couperose (telangiectasia) is a common, benign skin condition characterized by red-purple vessels on the face, neck and décolleté. In fair-skinned people it mainly occurs on the cheeks and nose. These disfiguring vessels are no longer functional.

If you want to treat couperose, De Huidkliniek is the right place for you. During a consultation we will discuss together with you which treatment is best for you. You will get instant tailored advice. We can be reached at: 088 224 03 00.

How does couperose arise?

Couperose is due to the lack of elasticity of the superficial blood vessels. When the small vessels dilate, they remain so and fail to contract again. This causes visible red vessels in the skin. Over the years, this can expand into a vascular network structure and the red colour becomes more prominent. Other factors that cause or aggravate couperose are:

  • Genetic predisposition. If the skin problem runs in the family, the chances of developing couperose are higher.
  • Genetic predisposition. If the skin problem runs in the family, the chances of developing couperose are higher.
  • Sunshine, temperature changes, stress and alcohol have one thing in common: they make our blood flow faster and this affects the development of red vessels in the skin.
  • Food, especially spicy dishes, should be avoided in case of couperose-prone skin.
  • Medicines can also affect the appearance of visible veins or redness of the skin.

The symptoms of couperose

The main symptom of couperose is the appearance of reddish vessels on the face. If you struggle with couperose, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Abnormal reddening of cheeks or nose.
  • Abnormal reddening of the forehead and part of the chin from time to time.
  • Small red star-shaped spots or lines.

Differences between rosacea and couperose

Couperose and rosacea are two different skin conditions. Couperose is a condition where the skin appears red due to dilated red blood vessels on the face. These symptoms are also part of rosacea, just like red bumps, pustules and swelling. Sometimes, rosacea causes stinging, red and dry eyes. Couperose does not have these symptoms. Rosacea can only be treated with medication.
Couperose can be treated with laser and light therapy at De Huidkliniek.

What can you do about couperose?

You can check for yourself whether there are factors that aggravate your couperose symptoms and avoid them as much as possible. These factors may vary from person to person and include:

  • Heat (hot baths/sauna)
  • Hot drinks
  • Effort
  • Spicy food
  • Alcohol
  • Medicines that irritate the skin and cause or worsen flushing (consult your doctor).

Avoid sun exposure as much as possible and use high SPF sunscreen. Using cosmetic camouflage to conceal redness can be pleasant for those people who feel embarrassed by their red face.

Treating couperose

Couperose can be treated by means of IPL and laser therapy at De Huidkliniek. During the consultation we will determine which treatment suits you best. Our skin therapists will be happy to offer you tailored advice.

Personal consultation

with one of our skin therapists


“You feel at ease and can relax.” Good atmosphere, expert guidance. The skin therapist kept talking to me during the treatment and the result is very nice.


Are you curious about the possible couperose treatment at De Huidkliniek?
Feel free to contact us by calling: 088 224 03 00. During a free consultation you will get more information on couperose treatment and a skin scan in order to determine exactly how we can best treat your skin. You will also receive advice on skin care.

De Huidkliniek has 12 clinics across West and Central Holland, including Amsterdam, Bussum, Haarlem, Utrecht and Den Haag.

We offer even more treatments

Besides treating couperose, De Huidkliniek offers even more treatments. You can also visit us for the removal of small varicose veins, a connective tissue massage and the treatment of skin disorders. In addition, we are specialized in laser treatments. A laser treatment can be used both cosmetically and medically.

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