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Peels are used to reduce unevenness, coarse pores, pigmentation spots, scars, pimples, acne and wrinkles. These peels are suitable for almost all skin types and ages.
You are always welcome for a no-obligation consultation. We will then discuss with you whether a skin peel treatment is suitable for your skin.
You can reach us at: 088 224 03 00.

At De Huidkliniek we use the following peels:



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    Peeling addressing acne and pimples

    Acne, also known as juvenile pimples, is a disorder of the sebaceous glands. The skin contains about fifteen sebaceous glands on every square centimetre that keep the skin supple. When a sebaceous gland becomes clogged it can cause pimples. By applying skin peels we keep the skin clean and thin, so that the sebaceous gland will not become clogged.

    A peel can also be used if you have temporarily troubled skin, due to hormonal changes, for example. Many women suffer from pimples when changing birth control, a peel is then the perfect treatment to calm down the skin.

    Peel addressing dull skin

    Radiant skin naturally appears healthier, younger and well rested. However, due to various influences the skin can get paler and dull, making you look tired. A peel gives the face a more radiant appearance by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells.

    Treating Skin irregularities

    As we age, skin irregularities such as skin tags and benign skin elevations may appear. But even when we are young, irregularities such as millia can occur. Fortunately, skin peels can be used for skin irregularity removal.

    Peel addressing pigmentation spots

    Pigment is a colouring agent also known as melanin. It gives colour to your hair, the iris of your eye and your skin. Pigment protects your skin from UV- rays of the sun. Pigment is currently seen as the “new wrinkle” and therefore many people are having these spots treated. A peel can perfectly treat pigmentation spots and reduce melasma, a form of pigmentation spots.

    Treating wrinkles

    A peel can perfectly reduce incipient wrinkles. More intensive peels, containing retinol or the 3 Step Stimulation Peel by ZO Skin Health, are particularly suitable for this purpose. If the wrinkles are deeper, we recommend a combination of laser and peels.

    The advantage of a chemical peel is that it targets the entire face and not just a small part of it and that is why the final result looks so natural. People with wrinkles are often bothered by facial pigmentation as well. Chemical peels can also be used for facial pigmentation removal.

    Peel addressing redness

    Couperose and Rosacea are the most well-known forms of redness. Even a mild peel can reduce skin redness. During the professional peel treatment, sebum production is reduced, collagen production is stimulated and the development of inflammation is reduced. The proteins in the peel improve the resistance of your skin, making skin redness less likely to return.

    The treatment

    During the consultation, the best peel for your skin is determined. In the video below you can see how a mild chemical peel is applied to the skin.

    Peel experiences

    “Excellent! Very satisfied with the service. Good explanation about the peel. Done 6 times and skin has become stronger. I would like to come back to this clinic.”


    Are you curious as to whether a peel treatment is suitable for your skin? Then please contact us by calling: 088 224 03 00. During a no-obligation consultation you will get more information about the treatment and a skin scan in order to assess exactly how we can best treat your skin. You will also get advice on skin care.

    Wij bieden nog meer behandelingen aan

    In addition to peels, we offer other treatments. You can also visit us for fat freezing, a connective tissue massage and body and facial hair removal. We are specialized in laser treatments, too. A laser treatment can be used for both skin rejuvenation and skin improvement.

    Plan een vrijblijvend consult!


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